2016 — Public Celebrations — 2016

at the Mountain Of Attention Sanctuary — Lake County, California

Seventh Gate
Guests who are interested in and supportive of Adi Da and His Teachings are invited to attend this sacred Celebration at the Mountain Of Attention Retreat Sanctuary in Lake County, California.

The Celebration will include a presentation on the history of Da Purnima and whye we celebrate that day, video footage of Adi Da Samraj, devotional chanting and the opportunity to spend time in Temple Adi Da, a Temple empowered by Adi Da during His Lifetime, other special events, plus a beautifully prepared vegetarian meal.

At the end of each Celebration public guests receive Blessed gifts and a special program commemorating the Celebration.

The Divine "Bright" Spherical Self-Domain has Self-"Emerged" here As My Perfect Divine Avataric Self-Manifestation.

— Avatar Adi Da Samraj
"The Boundless Self-Confession"
The Aletheon

If you are interested in this Sacred Celebration
or have questions, please contact

Elaine Lombard
Phone: 707-243-3145
Pre-registration required.