Avatar Adi Da's Own Word on the
Significance of His Passing

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I (Myself) Am Prior To and Beyond
All conditional Realms

During, and After, and Forever After My Divine Avataric Physical Human Lifetime, I Will Always Be As I Am.

Even All The While I Am Active In The Apparent Context Of the Earth world — and Even All The While After My Time Of Earth-world-Appearance — Adi Da SmarajI (Myself) Am Prior To and Beyond The Earth (and, Indeed, Prior To and Beyond All conditional Realms).

My Divine Avataric Work Is My Own.

I Have No Definable Existence.

And I Exist, Eternally, In That Divine Freedom — Without Any Compromise Of Truth Itself.

I Do Exactly What I Must Do, Perfectly — and I Will Always Do So, For The Sake Of every one, and all, and All.

Excerpted from
The Dawn Horse Testament of The Ruchira Avatar
available from The Dawn Horse Press

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