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It has been My Intention to make books of My Word so profound that the mere reading of them could convert any being on earth (or anywhere else) from the life of ego-possession, mortality, and darkness, to the life of Divine Love-Bliss, without requiring the slightest qualification in the case of any being that moves, or is.

— Avatar Adi Da Samraj

Avatar Adi Da and His Reality-Way

The Avatar of What Is - book coverThe Avatar of What Is
The Divine life and Work of Adi Da
— by Carolyn Lee, Ph.D.
Summary overview of Avatar Adi Da's Life and Work, from the foretelling of His Birth, through His years of "Learning humankind" and the more than thirty-five years of His Teaching-Work and Compassionate Blessing-Work. This is the extraordinary story of Adi Da's Divine Intervention in the world.


The Knee Of Listening - book coverThe Knee Of Listening
The Divine Ordeal Of The Avataric
Incarnation Of Conscious Light

— by Avatar Adi Da Samraj
Avatar Adi Da's Spiritual Autobiography tells the miraculous story of His unique Incarnation and Revelation in the West for the sake of Liberating all beings.


The Ancient Walk-About Way - book coverThe Ancient Walk-About Way
The Core Esoteric Process of Real Spirituality and
Its Perfect Fulfillment in the Way of Adidam

— by Avatar Adi Da Samraj
In this beautiful collection of essays, Avatar Adi Da draws the reader through a "consideration" of the real purpose and principles of the Guru-devotee relationship, the life-conditions that encourage heart-response to Living Truth, and the unique Signs and qualities of His offering to those who respond fully.


The Boundless Self-Confession - book coverThe Boundless Self-Confession
Essays from The Aletheon
— by Avatar Adi Da Samraj
Written only a few months before He passed from the body (in November 2008), this book brings to culmination a lifetime of Revelation writings by the Ruchira Avatar about the eternal meaning and purpose of His Appearance, revealing profundities that are ultimately unfathomable. But the heart knows. The heart, as His Divine Presence says, "is where everyone comes to Me".
— from the Introduction by Carolyn Lee, PhD


My 'Bright' Word - book coverMy "Bright" Word
A new edition of the collection of classic Spiritual Discourses originally published as The Method of the Siddhas
— by Avatar Adi Da Samraj
In this extraordinary series of Discourses from His early Teaching Years, Avatar Adi Da Communicates an exquisite summary of His "Radical" Teaching-Revelation, and He passionately Offers to everyone the Gift of the devotional relationship to Him as the True Means of Divine Liberation.


Love and Blessings - book coverLove and Blessings
The Divine Compasionate Miracles of Avatar Adi Da Samraj
— compiled and edited by Bill Gottlieb
Stories from Avatar Adi Da's devotees about requesting His Blessing-Regard under difficult life-circumstances, and the Graceful process that ensued.


The World As Light - book coverThe World As Light
An Introduction to the Art of Adi Da Samraj
— by Mei-Ling Israel
Adi Da has created a massive body of highly distinctive and diverse artistic work. The purpose of this book is to provide an overview of his entire artistic oeuvre of the past forty years — accompanied by key statements he has made on his own art and on the artistic process in general.


Core Matters of Human Existence

Not-Two Is Peace - book coverNot-Two Is Peace
The Ordinary People's Way of Global Cooperative Order
— by World-Friend Adi Da
New, Expanded Third Edition. A comprehensive address to the global crises of our time, written out of concern for humanity's current plight. Adi Da points to the necessity of re-establishing human civilization — transforming its destiny through a Global Cooperative Forum.


Easy Death - book coverEasy Death
Spiritual Wisdom on the Ultimate Transcending
of Death and Everything Else

— by Avatar Adi Da Samraj
Talks and essays on the real nature of death and the death process, Realization of the deathless condition, accounts of "death events" in Avatar Adi Da's own life, His Spiritual and practical instruction during death transitions of His devotees, and much more.


Green Gorilla - book coverGreen Gorilla
The Searchless Raw Diet
— Given By Avatar Adi Da Samraj
The essential, summary communication of Avatar Adi Da Samraj relative to diet. Avatar Adi Da's fundamental recommendation relative to diet is the searchless raw (fructo-vegetarian) diet — searchless in the sense that it is simply lawful management of a body in Communion with the Living Reality, free of the need to use food as a means to solve any kind of problem or seek any kind of ideal in body or mind.


Religion and Reality - book coverReligion and Reality
True Religion Is Not Belief in Any God-Idea but the
Direct Experiential Realization of Reality Itself

— by Avatar Adi Da Samraj
What Real God Is, and what God Is Not, the relationship between God and life, and how each of us can tacitly Realize the Domain of Being Itself. A direct description of our true state, and the Nature of Reality. Highly recommended for novice reader's of this author.


What, Where, When, How, Why. and Who To Remember To Be Happy - book coverWhat, Where, When, How, Why, and
Who To Remember To Be Happy

— by Avatar Adi Da Samraj
A unique Spiritual text for children (of all ages) that leads them through the contemplation of who we are, what we know, what death is, and what true happiness is. Beautifully illustrated throughout in full color.


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