Pictorial Tribute

A Pictorial Tribute to Avatar Adi Da

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Avatar Adi Da as an infant


From my earliest experience of life I have Enjoyed a Condition that, as a child, I called the "Bright".

The Knee of Listening

Avatar Adi Da as a child


From the beginning, in the early Spiritual "Brightness" of my life, I directly perceived the guiding Purpose of my life: to restore True Humor (or the all-transcending quality of Happiness, that can persist, or, otherwise, constantly come forward, in the living being under all conditions, whether the conditions appear to be positive or negative).

The Knee of Listening

Avatar Adi Da meditating with murti of Swami Muktannda


My Sadhana was, entirely, a Demonstration for the Sake of all others — including all Those Who Served Me as My Spiritual Masters in the Course of My Divine Avataric "Sadhana Years".

The Knee of Listening

Avatar Adi Da in 1973


Live with Me, and understand.
Understand, and Fall into My Heart.

My "Bright" Word

Avatar Adi Da in 1976


When there is no ego, then
The Divine Is Self Evident —
even with "Open Eyes" —
in this apparent "world".

The Aletheon

Avatar Adi Da in 1984s


Blessing Is Simply My Intrinsic
Self-Nature, Self-Condition,
and Self-State.

The Aletheon

Avatar Adi Da in 1986


I Am Extending Myself Absolutely — to everyone.

The Aletheon

Avatar Adi Da in 2000


I Stand Where I Am
I am not fixed here.
I have a "View" here,
but I am not "of"
the physical domain.

The Aletheon

Avatar Adi Da in 2008


I Am Sympathetic to all-and-All.
I Am Simply here.
That is why I Am here —
not to persist in Self-Submission,
not to persist in Teaching,
but to simply Be here.

The Aletheon

Avatar Adi Da in 2008


I Am, and Always have Been,
The "Bright" —
previous to This Birth,
and during Its apparent Time,
and forever after.

The Eternal One

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Photographs of
Avatar Adi Da
Avatar Adi Da granting His Darshan

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