Avatar Adi Da as World-Friend

People commonly presume unity to be a positive value. But they are typically thinking of unity as something to be "worked toward".

"Working toward" unity is not what I am talking about. I am talking about prior unity.

I am talking about people entering into a dialogue that is based on the working-presumption of prior unity, and non-separateness, and zero-confrontation, and global indivisibility, and the absolute Law of unbreakable peace — rather than a status quo based on the ego-based presumption of separateness, and conflict, and competition.

— Avatar Adi Da Samraj
Not-Two Is Peace

When Avatar Adi Da was a youth, a family member asked Him about the purpose of His life. He said that He intended to save the world.

This purpose was Spiritual, rather than political — but to fulfill it required more of Him than serving as Spiritual Master for devotees. And so, as a way to achieve His great intention, He also spoke to the entire human family as "World-Friend".

Moved by deep compassion and the Obviousness of Indivisible Reality, Avatar Adi Da gave both Spiritual and practical instruction for the currently dire situation of humankind on Earth. The summary of this wisdom is given in His book Not-Two Is Peace.

In this text, Avatar Adi Da Calls for a complete turnaround, from the politics of separation and to a politics of prior unity. ("Prior unity" is His description of the inherent oneness of every one and every thing.) Only through the enactment of non-separateness can humanity resolve the challenges that now threaten to consume the entire globe.

This new politics requires a new and unique form of representative action. Avatar Adi Da proposes a "Global Cooperative Forum" — working on the basis of prior unity for the sake of all humanity, rather than on the basis of national identity (or separate identity of any kind).

The work of establishing a Global Cooperative Forum belongs to all of humankind. This essential step is not the role of Avatar Adi Da's formal devotees — nor is it a matter of waiting for any other conventional form of "leadership" to emerge. Indeed, it is crucial that all human beings begin to insist on this new form of universal cooperation.

As Avatar Adi Da says, people must enact the power of "everybody-all-at-once". And leaders must appear in all areas of influence in the world to make the Global Cooperative Forum a reality.

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