Video Excerpts from Discourses
by Avatar Adi Da Samraj

Watching video of Avatar Adi Da is an opportunity beyond the simple study of His Teaching-Word. Footage of Avatar Adi Da is potent with His Divine Blessing-Transmission, and offers the opportunity to feel Him at a depth beyond words and images – and ultimately, beyond all sense of separation.

Is "God" the "Creator" of Conditions?

People characteristically experience conditions from the separate "point of view". Avatar Adi Da Samraj explains that in seventh stage Realization, this egoic presumption of "point of view" is transcended. In that case, all conditions are recognized as modifications of the Divine "Brightness".(video - 7:16)

You Can't Get There From Here

Human beings are in a paradoxical quandary in trying to liberate themselves from the suffering of life — thereby giving energy to the source of suffering in the effort to escape it.(video - 7:36)

Beyond the Familiar (Divine Enlightenment is a Unique State)

Avatar Adi Da Samraj describes why it is important not to assume a conventional "familiar" relationship to the Spiritual Master. He further discusses how familiarity, along with fear, is a characteristic of the ego.(video - 7:23)

The "Bright" Beyond the "God" Idea

(also available on the Home Page)
Avatar Adi Da Samraj addresses the Ultimate Divine Reality, which is Conscious Light — beyond cause and effect and even beyond "point of view" itself. (video - 5:27)

Special Feature: Transcendental Realism

Rather than an excerpt from a Discourse, this special feature is a video introduction to the Image-Art of Adi Da Samraj. It features commentary from artists and art critics, along with an abundance of images and footage of Avatar Adi Da.(video - 5:21)

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