Death Is an Entirely Different Event Than You Think It to Be

a talk by Avatar Adi Da Samraj

from Easy Death, Chapter 23

AVATAR ADI DA SAMRAJ: Many energies and psychic processes are associated with a person's death, and if you are around a dying person, you can become sensitive to these energies and processes. If you are professionally serving someone who is dying, for instance, and if you allow yourself to be sensitive, as well as professional, then you are in a position to observe the transition of death, as one might in a more natural society. Although you may not be an intimate of the person, you may temporarily be an intimate of a kind, and, as such, you have a kind of psychic entrance into the person's domain. In some sense, therefore, you must endure the person's transition, even though you may not know the person well. You must psychically participate in the process of releasing. You must transcend the awesome effects of witnessing the death, and you must then return to a state of equanimity. In doing so, even though you may only be casually associated with the person, you represent one of the helpers in the person's transition.

DEVOTEE (a physician): There are physical signs as well. The pupils dilate, and certain things occur even before you can sense that the person is actually gone.

AVATAR ADI DA SAMRAJ: There is a sense of energy, a psychic sense of the death.

DEVOTEE: Yes. It is the opposite of a birth. At the time of a birth, all of a sudden there is a great, expansive energy or space, and an entity has become present. But deaths seem to be the opposite. There seems to be a kind of vortex, or a void.

AVATAR ADI DA SAMRAJ: Have you all experienced that sense of a burst at the moment of a birth? You may have discounted it because you thought it was just your enthusiasm for the birth that suddenly made you happy. But if you will be sensitive to it, you can sense a presence entering the room, a bursting in that is somehow different from the moment when the being was still in the womb.

DEVOTEE: It is a very blissful feeling.

AVATAR ADI DA SAMRAJ: Yes, there is a great deal of energy associated with it, and also light. I remember the sudden light in the room at the time of a birth. I did not ask if anybody noticed it at the time, but I can remember having that impression. There was a literal light, a life-color, a redness. There was a great deal of energy associated with the sudden beginning of an independent life, or a life that is now at least relatively independent as compared to its existence in the womb.

People have many fears about death because they think of death in the cold terms of the physical snuffing. They do not think of death at all in terms of the energies and psychic changes associated with it and the actual transition, all of which are noticed even by doctors, and which are documented in reports of the extraordinary phenomena experienced by people who seem to have died and are resuscitated. Such witnesses report that the tangible life-presence that is the human being does leave at some moment in death. That process must be accounted for in any speculation about what happens after death. Some sort of destiny is obviously implied by it, whatever we may want to say it is altogether. It is a noticeable transition, and it is not about the physical body in itself. Such understanding is very helpful in integrating one's emotion with the possibility of death.

When you witness the birth or the death of another, and, ultimately, if not before, when you experience the process of your own death, you feel naturally aligned to the laws that govern conditional existence. You are immediately awakened to the energy dimension, or the psychic dimension, of the process of life and death. Only when you limit yourself to the external view, cold and bereft of experience, do you fall prey to the rigid, anxious vision of death. Even life seems dead and threatening if you do not see it from the enlivened, life-positive, and Divinely Enlightened "Point of View".

Death is one of the great events that you tend to view coldly, because you are bereft of experience and bereft of an intimacy with death whereby you can immediately account for the energy and the psychic dimension of the process. When you only think about death and do not have much experience of it, you think of it in terms of the "meat body" only, and it looks terrible.

Actually, when you associate with the event of death in the same way you associate with the event of birth, many more things are accounted for in your feeling, in your psyche, in your energies altogether than you can now, in your anxiety, bring to the thought of death. When you are confronted with death, those things are instantly there, just as there is something instantly present in a woman at the moment of the labor whereby birth is accomplished. All kinds of force and chemistry and bodily capability and mental capability appear that a woman in labor could not have drummed up before the event came upon her. Many women have told Me, "You cannot ever be prepared for it." When it actually comes, it is greater than you ever presumed, and yet it is all there to happen. Suddenly you have the capability for it.

Just so, you must have a capability for death. You must participate in death. And it is best to become congenial with it while alive. Begin to become involved in death as a psychic and energy event and be ultimately relieved of your fear through the Spiritual Process. Your conventional fears are relieved when you become intimate with processes that must necessarily involve you at death, and, therefore, you do right to be intimate with them while you are alive, so that you do not live a life generated by cold fear. Live a life that is life-positive, sympathetic with the things and conditions of life, understanding their processes, always enhancing life through the fulfillment of life-positive laws. You do not become life-negative by witnessing death. See it. Witness it. It is something entirely different than in your fear you presume it to be. Any experience that you actually endure bodily includes suddenly the whole psychic and energy dimension.

But when you think of death, you think of it only as a physical thing, and you cannot associate psyche and energy with it. Because you think the being is just snuffed out by death, you are in fear of it. Yet the actual event is a psychic and energy phenomenon as well as a physical one. Therefore, death is an entirely different event than you think it to be in your fear, in your intellectual analysis of it, generally bereft of experience, bereft of intimate witnessing of the process in others, and bereft of witnessing similar processes in your own body-mind that ultimately become death. [August 11, 1979]