Adi Da Samraj and Spiritual Practice in Adidam

The Adidam Gateway is the portal to a family of websites devoted to the spiritual teaching of Avatar Adi Da Samraj, to the spiritual life and spiritual practice He has given, and to the way of life that has developed in response to Him. From this Gateway you can access websites that provide information on: religion, spirituality, philosophy, sacred art, education, sacred places, spiritual history, spiritual community, a library of sacred literature, and the message of Cooperation + Tolerance = Peace.

Avatar Adi Da Samraj - the Way of Adidam (the Way of the Heart)

Who is Adi Da Samraj? What does He Teach? What are the practices of Adidam? These most important questions about spiritual life and practice are addressed in this website.

Library - Spiritual Literature

Find out about religion and the spiritual traditions of humankind. Tolerance and appreciation for all traditions are the keynote of sacred study in the Adidam Library.

University - Spiritual Studies

Religious and spiritual studies in the University website include yoga, children's spirituality, and many educational courses about the life of spiritual practice in Adidam.

Books, Tapes, CDs of Adi Da Samraj

Books, tapes and CDs of and about Adi Da Samraj and Adidam, as well as many other religions and spiritual practices are available through the Adidam Emporium and the Dawn Horse Press. Also available are recordings of sacred music, meditation aids, incense, health products, and other offerings that enhance a life of religious and spiritual practice.

Gallery - Sacred Art

The expression of spiritual ecstasy through sacred art is celebrated on the Gallery site. It features the Divine Art of Avatar Adi Da, expressed through painting and photography. Other sections include sacred music and sacred art as spiritual practice, and sacred theater and liturgy, exemplified by "The Mummery"—Avatar Adi Da's poetic masterpiece of liturgical theater.

Museum - Sacred History

The sacred history of the life of Adi Da Samraj and the religion of Adidam are recorded through museum exhibits in this website. Personal accounts and stories of individuals' spiritual practice in Adidam and in relationship to Adi Da Samraj.

Society - Beyond Ego

What is right relationship between the individual in intimate spiritual community and the greater society? What forms can society take that allow for and tolerantly support sacred life? This website highlights the message of Cooperation + Tolerance = Peace, and living beyond ego in all relations.

Community - Cooperative Community and Culture

Spiritual community includes many facets. This website contains information about the way cooperative community supports the sacred in daily living, the Radiant Life Clinic (a health and research institute), and Adidam's spiritual communities in regions around the world.

Sanctuary - Spiritual Retreat

Adidam supports several spiritual sanctuaries which have been empowered by Avatar Adi Da Samraj. These are places of pilgrimage, meditation, spiritual retreat, and study This website includes the sacred zoo of Adidam, called Fear-No-More-Zoo, which supports the spiritual life of animals and all non-human life, including the very Earth itself.

Special Websites:

The Truth about Death

Website dedicated to the exploration of the topic of death and dying, including sections on reincarnation, the afterlife, and near death experiences, based on Avatar Adi Da's Divine Wisdom.

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