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Media Stories Online
Adi Da Samraj - Orpheus and Linead
September 9th - October 9th

Adi Da Samraj is known for his monumental works meant to draw viewers in an ecstatic experience and connect them to a higher spiritual truth. Since his participation in the 2007 Venice Biennale, the late American-born artist has commanded a large international following...

This exhibition, called Orpheus and Linead, curated by the renowned Italian critic and art historian Achille Bonito Oliva (director of the 45th Venice Biennale), comprises 11 works on aluminum.

This is the artist's first solo exhibition in New York and it features several works that have never been shown publicly.

CESNUR - Center for Studies on New Religions
Four Monographs Published
about Adidam as a New Religion

As part of their New Religion Case Studies, the Center for Studies on New Religions has published four monographs about Adidam. The papers were originally presented at The 2009 CESNUR Conference in Salt Lake City, Utah.

  1. Adidam, Controversy, and Former Members
    — James R. Lewis
  2. The Rebirth of Sacred Art: Reflections on the Aperspectival Geometric Art of Adi Da Samraj
    — Gary J. Coates
  3. Avataric Revelation and the Restoration Of Spiritual Culture: on The Life, Work, and Passing of Adi Da Samraj and the Preservation of his Spiritual Legacy
    — Michael (Anthony) Costabile
  4. Transcendental Realism and Radical Narrative in Adi Da Samraj's 'The Orpheum'
    — Askold Skalsky

Columbia College
Columbia College Publishes Online Obituary

Franklin A. Jones (known since 1994 as Adi Da Samraj), spiritual teacher, writer and artist, Naitauba Island, Fiji, on November 27, 2008. [His] lifework was the founding of a new spiritual way of life, named "Adidam." The story of how he prepared himself for this task - including his years of study at the College - is told in his spiritual autobiography, The Knee of Listening. [He] wrote more than 75 books (published and forthcoming)...
Adi Da Samraj – Transcendental Realism
Aug 2 - Aug 30, 2008

Since emerging onto the international art scene as an official entry in the 2007 Venice Biennale, Adi Da Samraj's art has consistently drawn broad critical acclaim.

Adi Da Samraj: Transcendental Realism comprises seven large, visually overwhelming works realized by Adi Da in the last year, plus a projection installation that premiered at the Venice Biennale.
Transcendental Realism: The Art Of Adi Da Samraj
Cenacolo Di Ognissanti - Florence

From February 23rd until June 22nd, arrives directly to Florence from its widely acclaimed official participation in the 2007 Venice Biennale, the art exhibition Transcendental Realism: The Art of Adi Da Samraj. Thanks to the exceptional helpfulness of the Soprintendenza Speciale per il Polo Museale Fiorentino, the event will be hosted in the Cenacolo di Ognissanti that in this occasion opens for the first time to modern art.