Guru as Prophet, A Talk by Avatar Adi Da Samraj
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Avatar Adi Da Samraj, 1973 DEVOTEE: Could You talk a little more about Your role as a prophet in the world?

AVATAR ADI DA: Because the intelligence of "radical" understanding must precede one's involvement with the true Spiritual process, the Function of Guru is not a public function. The Guru does not walk down the street and zap people, telling them that life is a fountain and pretending that everything is already all right, or showering blessings, or consoling people, or fascinating them. None of these things serves the crisis that must precede the Real Spiritual process.

One who Functions as Guru for devotees may operate for the sake of those who are not his or her devotees, but the Guru's Function in that case is not that of Guru. In the world, generally, the Guru must serve the crisis of understanding, which confounds the search, all need for consolation and fascination, all need for social games. In public society, the Guru may Function--if the Guru appears in society at all--in the role of prophet, which is essentially an aggravation, a criticism, an undermining of the usual life.

The Function of Guru is not a public function. It does not appear in public, and it does not invite the public as if the Spiritual process were merely something you could decide to do, buy, or believe, and then go ahead and perform. The Guru appears in public only in the role of prophet and critic. The Guru does not exploit that search, but turns the questioner back on that quality of suffering, dilemma, and dis-ease that motivates the person to take on Spiritual practices and other kinds of disciplines or to exploit the possibilities of ordinary life. The Guru's Spiritual Function is essentially hidden until the necessary pre-condition of Real intelligence, or "radical" understanding, has been fulfilled. Then the Guru may reveal himself or herself as Spiritual Master for the devotee.

To the extent that I appear in public at all, by seeing people, or even by writing books, or even by simply having Ashrams that exist in this world, My role can only be that of prophet. Even in My beginning devotees, those who are turning to the life of understanding with various degrees of intensity, I must Serve the crisis which makes the life of understanding possible. I will not Serve the random needs of individuals to be fulfilled, to be consoled, to be fascinated. I must always Work to offend, criticize, and undermine the usual egoic process of every individual who comes to Me in order to Realize the Self-Condition that is God, Truth, and Reality.

I must be paradoxical, I must be Free, in order to Serve those who come to Me. The qualities of My action cannot be predetermined. I will not consistently assume the qualities of an archetype--the holy man, the Yogi, the philosopher. I must be Free to appear in any form. I must be Free to behave in all common ways, as well as all uncommon ways, at any moment, in order to undo the expectations of those who come to Me. I am always acting to undo the egoic life of individuals in My Company.

I do this so that people will not identify Spiritual life with qualities, tendencies, preferences, all the armor people take on when they think they are turning from the world of suffering and turning towards Truth. Religious or Spiritual seeking is not the Way to Truth. The remedial or strategic path is not the Way to God. No experiential process makes you Realize God. Only the Divine already Enjoyed is the Foundation of genuine religious and Spiritual life. All the strategic paths to God are false. They are the communications of people of experience, conventional "gurus", who do not serve the crisis of "radical" understanding. Therefore, My responsibility is not only to purify those who come to Me of their ordinary self-indulgent and irresponsible habits but to purify them equally of their "Spirituality", in order that the Foundation for their Spiritual life may be the Very Divine. God is not supported by experiences, by the fulfillment of prescriptions, moralities, assumptions about how things are, were, or will be. The Guru in the Function of prophet is always managing to produce a condition in which the illusions of people may be undone.

I always Work to "create" a condition in which this crisis may take place on an entirely new level in each individual who comes to Me. There is no end to the variety of conditions that I may "create" at one moment or another for the sake of those who come to Me. Therefore, life in My Company cannot be predetermined. It cannot be fixed or ritualized. Satsang with Me is a living Condition in Which I in My prophetic role "create" true devotees, so that the Real Spiritual process may also come alive through My Siddhi of Divine Transmission. Life in God precedes all righteousness. It precedes the fulfillment of any kind of prescription for life or Spirituality. The "radical" intelligence that is understanding is that Intelligence in Which the Divine life in its most Prior, or truly Real, sense is Enjoyed.

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