Garbage and the Goddess, A Talk Given by Avatar Adi Da
on April 15, 1974

Avatar Adi Da Samraj, 1974 In mid-April, having moved with His devotees to a secluded property in northern California (now known as "The Mountain Of Attention Sanctuary"), Adi Da, amid great hilarity, gave the Discourse from which the name "Garbage and the Goddess" came, in which He summarized the Lesson of this Teaching Demonstration.

AVATAR ADI DA SAMRAJ: It is very simple. Every time I met My first Spiritual Teacher, Rudi, He would hand Me a bag of garbage. I don't think I ever went to see Rudi when He didn't hand Me a bag of garbage. It is true. I can't remember a time when I went to see Rudi when He didn't hand Me a bag of garbage. It was always the first thing He would do. Then I would go and throw the garbage away, and I'd come back, and we'd sit together a little bit, or I'd do some work. Sooner or later He'd give Me some more garbage.

It is really very simple. You just throw it away. You are just looking at a lot of garbage--Spiritual experience--and thinking that it is the precious instrument of God. One of My jobs is to package it. I spend a lot of My time packaging your garbage, trying to get you to recognize it. You'll throw it away as soon as you see it. You can't surrender something that you don't recognize to be garbage. You intuitively hold on to it. So you've got to recognize it.

All of these experiences are just more of that same stuff, but you've read so much lore about spirituality and religion and all that that you think all of these things are the Divine Itself. None of them is the Divine. They are all garbage.

You are being asked to sacrifice everything! Sacrifice is what you are being asked to do. In the midst of this process of Satsang with Me, everything is revealed. Everything is dredged up. Everything is shown. And you become very attached to all these shiny and extraordinary things. You are distracted by them. But they are not God. As soon as you become distracted by anything, you bind yourself to the pond again. Everything grasped and owned becomes a hedge for "Narcissus", a bit of immunity. As soon as you think that you have it, you have isolated yourself again. You have protected yourself from the necessary mortality of this life.

The point is not effortful surrender. Rudi always used to say, "Surrender, surrender, surrender!" But My Wisdom-Teaching is self-observation and self-understanding. Re-cognition, consciousness, and consciousness intensified manifests as self-observation. When there is understanding, then surrender is the obvious course. It is very easy. Sacrifice is the principle of all the worlds, but it is possible only on the basis of real and prior understanding.

Avatar Adi Da SamrajThe worlds in themselves are the conditionally manifested modifications of the Goddess, Shakti, and no one throws that away. Everyone is fascinated by it. So the Principle of Sacrifice is not served by the Goddess, the endlessly modified Force of the worlds. The Principle of Sacrifice is served by the Lord, to whom the Goddess is also bound, even if she does not know and show it. The world itself is an endless distraction, in which the Principle of Sacrifice seems to be made impossible by experience. The Guru serves the Principle of Sacrifice. The Goddess does not. The Goddess, with all of her experiences, serves the principle of experience, of accumulation, of immunity, of conditionally manifested self-existence in limitation. So there is no surrender in the world. The demand for love and for sacrifice is anathema in the cult of this world. It can't happen. No philosophy or experience can convince you of it. But you may be served by the revelation of all this as garbage, as mediocrity. It is shown to you in Satsang with Me. Then you are expected to throw it away.

You are expected to throw it away under the most extraordinary conditions, conditions in which you would ordinarily not even consider throwing it away. You are sitting in the precious blissfulness of the spine. Why should you throw it away? It is all so delicious. You have been an asshole all your life, and now you are a Yogi! Why should you throw that away? No one wants to do that. You don’t want to throw it away. You have no humor, no detachment, no separation from all this that you've accumulated through vast eons of existence in form. You don’t want to throw it away. The demand to throw it away is mad, impossible.

Everyone succumbs to the Goddess on one level or another. Some succumb in very subtle ways, but most succumb in very ordinary ways, without even knowing the Goddess as such. They succumb to the mass of experiences, of accumulations, of consolations. Everyone is consoled. When your consolations are ripped off, you find something else to be consoled by. One thing after the next. You don't surrender it, because you don't recognize it. So My Function is to undermine all this, to make the world show itself.

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