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Adidam Sanctuary

Adidam Samrajashram

This website will focus on Avatar Adi Da’s principle of taking “sanctuary”, or refuge, from the daily domain of practical business. The Sanctuary is the sacred domain in which Spiritual ecstasy is cultivated and allowed.

In the Sanctuary, we find space to turn our attention to the Divine via many means:

  • Temple
  • Meditation
  • Study
  • Retreat
  • Pilgrimage

The Sanctuary will also host the Fear-No-More Zoo Website, communicating Avatar Adi Da’s Wisdom about and Regard for non-human beings.

See the current Fear-No-More Zoo Website

Fear-No-More Zoo Previews

Fear-No-More: Listen to Ruchira Avatar Adi Da Samraj Speaking on The Non-Humans [RealAudio; 8 minute excerpt]

Two Flash movies from the "All Of This Is Sacred" series:

Temple Chanting Previews

Ruchira Avatara Gita (The Way Of The Divine Heart-Master), Avatar Adi Da's Text chanted by Naamleela Free Jones [RealAudio; 5 minute excerpt]

Ruchira Avatara Arati Puja, chanted by Tamarind Free Jones [RealAudio; 7 minutes]

Pilgrimage Previews

Adidam Samrajashram Newsletter [member login required]

A newsletter for members of Adidam that highlights current happenings at Adidam's Sanctuary on the Island of Naitauba,
in Fiji.

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