The Lesson of Life

A Better World - by Elizabeth Lowe

Part 3 - The Lesson of Life

Also on this retreat, He instructed me directly, relieving me of my life-long addiction to sorrow and fear and my compulsion to "save the world."

There was one evening when we danced and celebrated, and when I approached Him, He said, "What is it, My beloved?"

Speaking directly into my ear, He went on to say something like, "You have taken on the suffering of the world all your life. You must not do that any more. That is too much for a human being. That is My Work. Only I Can Do that Work." And His words burned a path from my ear to my heart.

In that moment, I knew — not only in my head, but bodily — that what He was saying was true.

In my pain about the world, I had not taken God into account. I had presumed a world bereft of the Divine and had stressfully assumed the impossible task of righting the ills of the world myself.

I could feel in that moment that this Is His Work, and I could sense the enormity of the suffering He takes on for the sake of the world and His Great Power to do so.

Weeping in His Arms, I promised that I would give this over to Him, that I would simply, happily, be His devotee. At that moment, and ever since, I know in my heart that living a life of surrender and service to this Divine Being, Whose appearance and intervention into this suffering world is its true salvation, is the most significant thing — and the only truly significant thing — I can do to support the healing of the world.

He told me that I need not be fearful and sorrowful anymore.

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