The Fear Card

The Fear Card

by Rita Dumais

Adi Da Samraj is my chosen Spiritual Master, who fills my heart with overflowing love. I am currently a formal practicing devotee, and working as a sales assistant in the San Francisco Bay Area.

I am also a professional tarot card reader, having discovered a talent for reading tarot cards from the very first reading I did at age 25.

Finding Avatar Adi Da

Rita Dumais - photoIt was over 30 years ago, while only 26 years old, that I first came across the Teaching of Avatar Adi Da Samraj. I was living in Boston then. Before this discovery, I had felt a yearning for something greater than the conventional options of money, marriage, a career.

Somehow, I understood that no matter how much money I acquired, no matter how pleasant my life could become, it would never be enough to satisfy this yearning. How could I settle for a lifetime of conventional possibilities when it all ended in death! There had to be something else, something Real and True.

I started reading every "spiritual" book that smacked of "Truth," as fast as I could get my hands on it. Then I had the great good fortune to come across a book written by Avatar Adi Da, called The Method of the Siddhas [currently published as My "Bright" Word].

While reading the chapter on "Money, Food, and Sex," I slowed down and started paying attention. I had a direct intuition that the Divine Avatar was communicating directly to me through His words. I intuited that here was a real teacher, someone I had to meet in person.

From New England to California

I moved away from Boston in 1975, and headed for the Adidam community in northern California with the sole intention of meeting this Spiritual Master.

During the summer of 1976, a time of celebration was in full swing, with many community parties. During these parties, I offered to give other devotees tarot readings, and my readings were so popular that word spread, as more and more people wanted readings.

Everyone would gather around as I read a particular person, and they were amazed at the accuracy and power of their readings. One particular reading so impressed the husband of the woman I was reading that he told Avatar Adi Da about it. As a result, the Master told someone to bring me to His House so I could read His cards.

I had been praying for more contact with Him, and with the devotees who were closest to Him, having prepared myself during the previous six to eight months — by practicing all of the practical life disciplines He had asked us to do with intensity, and studying His books during every spare minute I could find.

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