'I Make No Distinction Between Beings'

"I Make No Distinction Between Beings"

by Stuart Camps

Stuart Camps is the Director of Da Fear-No-More, the organization that maintains the Fear-No-More Zoos of Adidam, as well as outreach dedicated to Avatar Adi Da's Blessing of all non-humans.

All beings, even all of conditional manifestation, is the Sphere of My Work. I do not make the slightest jot of distinction between a human being and any other form or appearance. There is none to be made. Appearing before you in human Form, I Play with you in human terms.

But My Work, moment by moment, altogether, encompasses All — not only all human beings, not only all beings, but everything.

— Avatar Adi Da Samraj

Adi Da Samrajashram, Fiji

The South Pacific island stretches in a wide arc to the northeast, forming a natural sanctuary for tropical lagoons and coral reefs. Along the craggy northern coast, the ocean crashes against gray limestone cliffs.

Adi Da Samrajashram, Fiji, 1989

Three hundred feet above the surf, dense virgin forest runs back from the cliff-top into the rugged interior. To the west and south are sandy beaches and rolling greens hills.

This is Adi Da Samrajashram — one among more than 300 islands of the Fijian archipelago, and one of the Hermitage abodes of the Divine Avatar Adi Da Samraj.

It was here that I first physically met my Spiritual Master Avatar Adi Da. And it was here that I received His first instructions to me about the vast and mysterious realm of non-humans.

Exploring the Island

Stuart Camps - photographThe year was 1989, and I was on retreat on Adi Da Samrajashram for an extended period of service to Adidam and contemplation of Avatar Adi Da.

Having been born and raised in the highlands of New Guinea, I greatly enjoyed the assignment I was given on this retreat, which was to roam all over Adi Da Samrajashram to find significant natural features which Adi Da might like to visit and enjoy. I spent day after day exploring the hills, valleys, coves, beaches, and limestone caverns on the island.

As the days went by and I gradually became familiar with Adi Da Samrajashram, I developed a deep love for this extraordinary place. Often, I went with several Fijian friends. Sometimes, I went alone, with bush-knife in hand to cut my way as needed.

On one particular day, amidst a tall, vine-tangled banyan tree grove, I came upon a grassy clearing where I sat to relax. As the sweat cooled from my skin, I began to feel from somewhere deep within the forest, from out of the red earth and white rock, a tangible communication from the very heart of the island. It was as profound as it was familiar; as familiar to me as my deepest heart-awareness of Adi Da Samraj and the mystery of life itself.

I felt a sensation of energy gently emerging from the earth and embracing me as if it knew me. I felt deep calm. And I understood there and then, with my body and my heart, that Adi Da Samrajashram is alive and conscious; that the island itself is an actual being, along with all the creatures who live there.

Laying back on the forest floor, feeling deeply connected to this ancient island, I was left to wonder at the unusual communication I had just received.

I did not really know what to make of it. But days later (when I saw Adi Da Samraj for the first time) I would begin to better understand what had just now been shown to me.

The Great One

The Divine Avatar is standing motionless on the sand. I immediately know in that moment, without any doubt, that I am seeing a man unlike any I have ever met, unlike any I have ever heard of. I find myself gazing upon a Being whose Identity, simply put, by my immediate experience, is identical to mine; and He is also not other than anything else.

This Being is Reality; this Being is the Divine. It is obviously so. My heart instantly recognizes itself in the sight of Him. He is powerful and resilient but vulnerable, immense but human-sized. His eyes are moist with compassion and love. He is breathing me, living me.

I feel Him as my very and perfectly free Self. He embodies everything human, non-human, and utterly beyond the human.

I have never felt as happy as this, so filled in love, and utterly relieved of all concern. In this moment, it is heart-confirmed that there is no difference between forms, no distinction to be made between beings and things and places. Love is denied to no one and to no thing. All is One.

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