The Truth About God:

The God Who Is Imagined and
The God Who Truly Exists (part 2)

There Is Much More To Reality

A reading from The Aletheon,
by Avatar Adi Da Samraj

The Acausal Divine, or Real (Acausal) God, the One to be Realized, is not other than Reality Itself. That One Transcends your personal, conditional existence — but your conditional existence arises in That One. All of this conditionally arising "world" is a modification of That One, a "play" upon That One.

To Realize That One, you must enter profoundly into the Intrinsically egoless Self-Position — but not by means of the traditional "method" of introversion, or turning attention "inward". That "inward"-turning effort is simply one of the ego-based solutions to the presumed "problem" of existence.

Avata Adi Da Samraj by the waterThat Which must be Realized is in the Perfectly Subjective Self-Position — and It is Realized not by appeal to Something "outside" yourself nor by entering into childish dependence in relation to some great Principle, but by transcending your own separative (and "self"-contracting) activity, and (thereby, ultimately, by Means of My Divine Avataric Transcendental Spiritual Grace) Realizing Most Perfect Identification with That in Which you Always Already Inhere.

All of the public "religious" chitchat, the seemingly endless "worldly" conversation, about whether "God" exists or not, is simply a continuation of the doubting and "subjective" mulling-over of "problem"-consciousness that is part of the adolescence of humankind.

Always wondering about whether "God" exists is simply an adult occupation of basically adolescent personalities whose notions of "God" were formed by the childhood situation of dependence. Thus, wondering about whether "God" exists is basically an effort to prove the existence of the "God" you believed in as a child. Nevertheless, the "God" you believed in as a child does not exist — not as It was then described to you, nor as you then believed.

The Parental "God" of childish "religion" cannot be proven to exist — because that One does not exist. The struggle to prove the existence of such a One is a false struggle. It is an expression of the common disease, the "problem"-consciousness of threatened egoity.

This does not mean that you should become like scientific materialists, and, atheistically, throw away everything about the Reality-Process of (Self-Evidently Divine) Reality Itself. Much of what is conventionally called "religion" should be thrown away, based on a very intelligent "consideration" — because it is just a form of humanly invented consolation for rather childish egos.

However, there is much more to Reality Itself than what is contained in these childish propositions. It is That Which Is, Beyond these childish propositions, that I Call you to "consider" — in the form of My Own Teaching-Argument, and also in the evidence of the Great Tradition of humankind (or the total global inheritance of human culture).

Avatar Adi Da by a stone wallThere Is the Great Being, the Great Divine Reality. There Is That Truth. And there is the Way of entering into the Realization of That One.

Such Realization requires great maturity — not childishness, not adolescence, not egoity — and It involves the transcending of everything conventionally "religious" that is associated with your childish and adolescent personality. You enter into That Realization not by appealing to the Power of the "Other", the presumed "objective" Parental Deity "outside" you, as proposed by conventional "religion".

The only-by-Me Revealed and Given Reality-Way of Adidam does not involve appeal to that Great "Other" One — not even an appeal to that "Other" One in the form of mystical (or subtle) "objects" of any kind. The God Who Truly and Really Exists is not the white-bearded Character of popular "religious" mythology. The God Who Truly and Really Exists is not even some kind of all-pervading Parentlike Essence.

The God Who Truly and Really Exists is not present as a separate (or exclusively "Other") Personality anywhere in cosmic Nature. Nor is That One to be identified with any subtle "object" in cosmic Nature, or with any of the lights observable via mystical consciousness. That One Is Real (Acausal) God. You Realize — and, thereby (ultimately), prove the Existence of — That One only by entering most profoundly into the Intrinsically egoless Self-Domain (or Self-Position), the Domain of Prior Existence (or Is-ness), the Tacit Self-Apprehension of Being (Itself).

— from "The Parental Deity and The One To Be Realized"

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There Is the Great Being, the Great Divine Reality.

There Is That Truth.

And there is the Way of entering into the Realization of That One.