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The Legitimacy of Science and the
Falseness of Scientific Materialist Philosophy

A reading from The Aletheon,
by Avatar Adi Da Samraj

In the "modern" West, the findings of science are often presumed, especially by those deeply involved in (or sympathetic with) the scientific endeavor, to have undermined the (historically inherited) absolute propositions of conventional (or exoteric) "religion".

However, both conventional "religion" and the philosophy of scientific materialism (which seeks to criticize conventional "religion" as if conventional "religion" were the totality of the paths and Ways of humankind) are characteristic (and characteristically limited) "products" of the Omega [or Western] "point of view".

Science (itself) is simply a "method" for the free investigation of the phenomena of conditionally manifested existence — but science (itself) tends to be overlaid with the (traditional and ancient) philosophy of materialism, which philosophy is very much a part of the gross-minded Omega culture of the West.

Avatar Adi Da SamrajThe scientific examination of conditional phenomena has resulted in (and continues to pursue) the detailed mapping of the mechanisms of conditionally manifested existence, including much detailed knowledge about the functioning human organism and about the development of various modes of conditionally manifested life on Earth. (Of course, conventional "religionists" — in the attempt to defend their "creationist" mythologies — propagandize against evolutionary theories, and other scientifically proposed explanations that seem to contradict the traditionally held views of conventional "religion".)

Equipped with such maps of the structures of the human entity, proponents of scientific materialism have criticized many of the traditionally acknowledged means of accounting for human "experience" (including Spiritual "experience" and Realization), claiming that conscious "experience" amounts to nothing more than evidence of how the human brain and the extended human body are "built" to function.

According to this scientific materialist "point of view", Spiritual "experience" and Realization (and, indeed, all of human "experience" and Realization) is merely something happening in the "meat-organism", determined by its presumed-to-be-separate and fundamentally physical structuring.

That conclusion regarding the nature of human "experience" and Realization is the superimposition of scientific materialist philosophy on the legitimate observations made by means of the "scientific method". And that conclusion regarding the nature of human "experience" and Realization is a key fault, which makes scientific materialism a false philosophy.

The physical structures of the human mechanism do, in fact, pattern human "experience" and human behavior, including scientific behavior — and the entire psycho-physical range of potential human "experience" and Realization (only a fraction of which has been investigated by the efforts of conventional science) can be understood in terms of My "Map" of the seven stages of life, by means of which I have Revealed how all potential human developments are intrinsically related to the various (hierarchically interrelated) structures of the human psycho-physical (and not exclusively physical) mechanism.

And, indeed, the findings of esoteric Yogic investigation are entirely compatible with what may be observed about the structure of the human entity by means of the "scientific method" (which is still, in the "modern" era, very much "in process" relative to its attempt to discover explanations for the complex realities of human "experience" and Realization). However, the scientific materialist "point of view" reduces everything to observable physical structures — as if (for example) the association between human Spiritual "experience" and Realization and certain structures in the human brain proves that Spirituality is nothing but a "side-effect" of the functioning of the brain.

Avatar Adi Da - darshanSince the most ancient days, all esoteric traditions of Spirituality and Yoga have been associated with an understanding of the (real) structures underlying human "experience" and Realization.

True Spirituality and true Yoga are based on a direct and detailed familiarity with the cerebro-spinal system, of the various organs within the body, and so forth.

True Spirituality and true Yoga are not based on (and, indeed, have nothing to do with) cosmological mythologies or the conventional "God"-ideas of popular "religiosity".

True esotericism is always associated with an analysis of the human structure, of the workings of that structure, and of the "methods" by which the esoteric practitioner can make use of that structure in the process of Realization. However, the esoteric traditions of Spirituality and Yoga are free of the fault of reductionism. In the esoteric traditions of Spirituality and Yoga, there is no notion that the association of Spiritual phenomena with certain aspects of the human structure reduces the significance of those phenomena to nothing but the workings of that structure.

Through the entire collective human process of examining the nature of conditionally manifested existence (including the scientific examination of the development of life-forms on Earth, the origin and evolution of the universe, and so on), a single great principle is made evident: All manifestation is arising from a Prior and Intrinsically Indivisible Unity. Everything that appears is developed from What is already there, inherently and potentially.

That Prior Unity is fundamental to the Nature of Reality. Therefore, it is false philosophy to presume (or even insist) that Reality Itself is reducible to the observable "facts" of the presumed-to-be-separate human structure and its functioning.

This must be understood: The human psycho-physical structure is (irreducibly) part of the Prior and Universal Unity. Reality Itself Is Non-separate, Indivisible, and (Ultimately) OneBeyond all appearances. The human psycho-physical structure is the "equipment" that is to be used by human beings for the sake of (Ultimately, Most Perfect) Divine Self-Realization — and that structure arises within the Universal Unity. This is the ancient esoteric "Knowledge".

— from "The Transcendental Spiritual Way of Reality Itself Is Founded
On The Tacit and Prior 'Perfect Knowledge' of Reality Itself"

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