Truth About Religion

The Truth About Religion

Readings from The Aletheon

The Truth About Religion

Readings from The Aletheon
by Avatar Adi Da Samraj

  1. Right Religion Is Not About the Human Ego
    "People think 'religion' is about themselves, whereas right 'religious' practice is supposed to be about the Divine."
    Reality Itself Is the Only God There Is
    "All the mere 'God'-ideas are reflections of the human entity, the human ego, the body-mind-'self'."
    Conventional 'Religion' Is Inherently False
    "No form of conventional 'religion' is 'It' — and, indeed, conventional 'religion' never was 'It'."
    The Only Absolute Is Truth Itself
    "Much can (and must) be made of Truth Itself, or Reality Itself — but there is no point in making much of any mere ideas or any merely conditional appearances."
  2. Enlightenment Is Not an "Experience"
    "Divine (or seventh stage) Enlightenment is not an 'experience', not a state of the personal body-mind-complex in and of itself."

Perfect Philosophy
The "Radical" Way of No-Ideas

Essays from The Aletheon

Avatar Adi Da exposes the inherent limits of all traditional forms of knowledge and offers a Way of life that originates and operates beyond such limits.


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