What Is Adidam? Huge Helper at the Mountain of Attention Sanctuary

Adidam is a complete Way of life, the gift of Avatar
Adi Da Samraj. As His devotees, we practice this Way in
relationship to Him because we recognize, at heart, that
Adi Da Samraj is Real God appearing in human form.

Adi Da was born Conscious as Perfect Love, Bliss, and
Happiness—a state He calls "the 'Bright'". And He is here to
make it possible for everyone to Realize that Perfect State.

The "Bright" Is the Divine Conscious Light.
I Am That—and I Bring That to you.
—Adi Da Samraj

Adidam is a worldwide community. We openly explore
the Divine Nature of Reality, and all aspects of our human
experience, based in our relationship with Adi Da Samraj.

Sanskrit Letter Da
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Avatar Adi Da does not offer a set of beliefs. He has
even said, "You must not believe in Me." But how can this
be? Isn't spiritual life necessarily about belief? This is an
essential and unique quality of Adidam. We invite you
to learn more.


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